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About the Founder


Being a frequent traveller he realised that travelling isn't only about going to a particular destination or places, it is about the experience that you carry during & after you Travel. Most of the OTA Portal issue tickets but the real challenge lies when a customer needs quick fix to a situation while travelling or during his pre travel period and that Is a key area where we strive to focus.

About Us

Dhruv Travels Online commenced its operation in 2016, starting with B2C initially, we were able to commence operations in the B2E (business to enterprise) distribution channel in 2018 with the aim of providing end-to-end travel solutions to corporates. Our main focus is to enhance the booking and travel experience through affordable pricing and complementary services.

We have been providing customers with the option of no-convenience fee, such that customers are not required to pay any service fee in instances where there are no alternate discount or promotion coupon being availed. In our pricing model, we have endeavored to avoid hidden costs, which result in reduction of the final price payable by the customers. Since we buy our Inventory directly from the Airlines the cost & markup added in tickets is eliminated from our model, resulting in lowest & competative fares to the end customers, and that makes us different from other online travel portal in the markets.

We at Dhruv Travels Online aim to provide affordable travel services with a hassle free experience. We want to provide the BEST SERVICE AT BEST PRICE.



  • To educate customers to travel smartly and save their expenses without compromising on quality.
  • To follow the core values in the travel industry and build up a competitive environment.
  • To encourage employees and associates identify and deliver their full potential in a sustainable way.
  • To grow profitably with care towards the stakeholders.


  • To identity changing needs of customer in the market and providing exactly what customer needs.
  • Eliminate long call waiting time & facilitating direct point of contact with customers.
  • Educate and empower people related to travel


  • Safety
  • Care
  • Ethics
  • Diligence


“Travel is like knowledge ,the more you see ,the more you know you haven't seen.